What type of educational institution are you?

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- 'Non-Commercial' means an educational institution that is not conducted for the profit, direct or indirect, of any individual or individuals;
- 'Commercial' means an educational institution that is not a Non-Commercial Educational Institution.

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Associated institutions means any other educational institution that you wish to issue a remuneration notice to Copyright Agency on behalf of

What are your institution’s student numbers for the previous calendar year?

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Please provide your educational institution’s total students for the previous calendar year.

Level of Study Fee per Student Numbers Previous Return
University (eg. graduate or undergraduate courses) Effective Full Time Student Unit (EFTSU/EFTSL)
VET (Diploma/Certificate level courses) Full Time Equivalent Students (FTE)

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To calculate your FTE students for VET level courses, add up total number of student hours and divide by 540. As an example: if you have 100 students studying 10 hours per week for 10 weeks, the calculation would be: 100 (students) * 10 (hours) * 10 (weeks) = 10,000 hours. Then divide the 10,000 hours by 540 to get the number of FTE students: 10,000 / 540 = 18.52.

Secondary (Secondary School curriculum) Full Time Equivalent Students (FTE)
Primary (Primary School curriculum) Full Time Equivalent Students (FTE)
Kindergarten / Pre-School Licensed Number of Daily Places
Adult Education & non accredited courses, including community college level studies Annual Enrolment Number
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The Copyright Agency’s RightsPortal for Education allows you to access the Statutory Education Licence.

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Under the Statutory Education licence, you can:
  • Photocopy and fax licenced content.
  • Print, scan and email licenced content within your organisation.
  • Download content from websites.
  • Store and display licenced content copyright material on your organisation's intranet.
  • Share licenced content in internal newsletters, training presentations and meetings.
Up to:
  • 10% of a book or one chapter (whichever greater)
  • 10% of sheet music
  • An article contained in any issue of a periodical publication (ie newspaper/journal)
  • Two or more articles contained in any issue of a periodical publication provided they relate to the same subject matter
  • A play, script, short story, text or poem in an anthology if that work comprises not more than 15 pages of that anthology
  • An image, map or illustration if it accompanies text for the purpose of explaining or illustrating the text and is not published separately
  • A book, text, image, play or piece of sheet music if a new copy of that work cannot be obtained commercially within a reasonable period of time