When third-party content you need an ad-hoc basis doesn't fall under your existing copyright licensing arrangements, specific rights can be cleared through the RightsPortal.

Access to or copies of articles then need to be obtained through the publisher. Note clearances are available for text only — photos need to be cleared through the publisher.
See publisher contact details here.

News and Magazines

Our News and Magazines service allows you to purchase rights on a pay-per-use licences basis to copy and share newspaper and magazine content from Fairfax Media, News Corp and Bauer publications.


Our Journal service unlocks pay-per-use rights for Scientific, Technical and Medical journal content from Elsevier, Wiley, Wolters Kluwer Health and Emerald Publishing.

For more information about the News and Magzines and Journals content available for licensing through the RightsPortal, please see 'What can I license online now?'

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