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Religious Associations Annual Licence in brief:

Copyright Agency Limited has designed an annual licence that will allow any Religious Organisation to copy and communicate third party material as required.

Under this licence you can do any of the following without having to seek individual permissions each time:

  • Copy up to 10% or one chapter from any book, journal or magazine
  • Download and store 10% of the number of words in a digital work or one chapter
  • Display material on a data projector or in PowerPoint presentations
  • Hand out hardcopies of materials to your congregation or clients for weddings, funerals, Sunday School etc
  • Scan and store material on your computer hard drive

The benefits:

Freedom and flexibility - instant access to an abundance of both Australian and International digital and hardcopy material

Convenience and ease – With the licence you will no longer need to identify and search for copyright owners, gain permissions, negotiate terms of use or maintain records when you make a copy

If you have any enquiries about the Religious Organisations Licence, please contact Copyright Agency's commercial Licensing team on 02 9394 7600.