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Education Licence in brief:

With this licence all your teachers can copy any third party material to distribute to the students (within the limitations of the licence). This can be done in both hard copy and electronic format and includes whole articles from newspapers or journals, up to 10% of any book or website, as well as the ability to embed any third party material into any resources you may be producing yourself.

Without this licence no organisation is allowed to reproduce any third party material from any source other than where there is a direct licence/subscription in place or permission has been granted from the creator of the work.

The benefits:

Freedom and flexibility - Instant access to an abundance of both Australian and International digital and hardcopy material.

Convenience and ease - With the licence you will no longer need to identify and search for copyright owners, gain permissions, negotiate terms of use or maintain records when you make a copy.

Peace of mind - Do you know what any of your teachers or trainers are doing in any classroom on any day?

Compliance/risk management - With the availability of digital technology and the internet, copyright infringement can occur at the click of a button. This licence is an effective way of increasing and/or maintaining your current compliance programme.

Additional information: